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24th Mar Saturday 2012; 02:44 pm(no subject)

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26th Nov Wednesday 2008; 05:27 pm - KILL, KILL THE NOISE
081122- Speech&Debate @ NHS
or.. er.. a few people at least.


19th Nov Wednesday 2008; 08:40 pm - Walkin' down by the bay, on the shore...
(and some other crap)

Elise failed
I didn't see Mel, dunno if she failed or not...
But the rest of us didn't forget


But we didn't get a good group pic.

Oh well.

Got some.

Continue to the cut, please.

Staring up at the planes... that aren't there anymore.. </3Collapse )Staring up at the planes... that aren't there anymore.. </3Collapse )Staring up at the planes... that aren't there anymore.. </3Collapse )

Oh and Ang can you send me our old <3 NY pic? The one where we're lined up like signal bars... look under the cut, thanks jas



16th Nov Sunday 2008; 12:04 pm - HOLD ME BACK, YOU KNOW WE'RE
So I got absolutely nothing done yesterday.


At least I finished Euro this morning..


So here's what I did do yesterday.

14th Nov Friday 2008; 11:19 pm - Quantum of Solace
♪♫ Another way to die~

Erm. No substance. Nowhere near the brilliance of Casino Royale.

It wasn't TERRIBLE, but the plot did nothing to draw you in, at all. Action a bit overdone at parts.

Worth a see but still pretty disappointing for a Bond movie..
4th Oct Saturday 2008; 07:44 pm - ARE YOU THERE?!
UGHHH... took the SAT today. I don't think I did very well. But I REFUSE to take it again.

STUPID EFFING USELESS TEST!!!!!!!!! Afterwards was fun though.

I have to do homework now. Sigh. But I'm going to Universal Studios tomorrow :D :D



Some random stuff, an icon battle...

Or are you just a decoy dream??Collapse )

Uh just a few random stuff. I am so freaking tired right now.. it's Saturday night and I have absolutely NOTHING done. Damn SAT class..

all the time... all the time...Collapse )
15th Sep Monday 2008; 06:00 pm - WAKE ME UP
Pictures I took over the course of last week.

Omg I really don't want to do homework right now. Shoot me. We're in for SUCH a long year.

When September Ends...Collapse )
10th Sep Wednesday 2008; 10:11 pm - hack my heart pl0x xDD
Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF
You hax0r3d mY h3aRt
And all my base
Are belong to you


26th Aug Tuesday 2008; 11:15 am - Registration
0 Stuart: TA
1 Sanematsu: AP Bio
2 Schneider: H Pre-Calc
3 Murphy: NTV
4 Feldt :AP Euro
5 Loso: Spanish 3
6 Fox: Yearbook
7 Horrigan: Newspaper
8 Emery: H Euro Lit

Good distribution of classes! Good balance between even and odd days and stuff :D Or, it seems like it..

Alright, now the excitement of registration is fading..

time to go back to wallowing and missing Thailand.
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